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PROCEDURE FOR PAYMENT OF PARKING FEES THROUGH SMS As you entered the parking area in the Arkády Pankrác, you received a parking ticket showing the date and time of your arrival and the SMS identification code.


Before your departure check if you have exhausted 2 hours for which there is no charge. If so, each additional hour is charged at the rate of 50 CZK. Otherwise there is no charge when you exit. To pay for the parking charges, send SMS in the APspaceSMScode format to the number 90206 (example: AP 123456789012). The SMS code is marked on the front of the parking ticket along with the date and time of your entry. 
The system will verify the parking ticket number and will also calculate the corresponding parking charges. Within 30 seconds you will receive an SMS with information about the charges and confirmation of the time you have left to exit. The number of SMS messages you will receive is directly dependent on the time and the cost of parking according to the following chart:


1. hour – 0 Kč 
2. hours – 0 Kč 
3. hours – 50 Kč 
4. hours – 100 Kč 
5. hours – 150 Kč 
6. hours – 200 Kč 
7. hours – 250 Kč (maximal price)

If you are not able to send SMS to the number 90206, please contact your mobile provider to check whether your Premium SMS service has been activated.

If you have not received an SMS with the amount of parking charges and confirmation, please contact the parking lot attendant. 
Simplified tax receipt can be obtained through Internet at This system is operated by GLOBDATA a.s.,,

BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS To pay for the parking charges by SMS: send SMS in the format: APspaceSMScode to the number: 90206 Example: AP 123456789012 SMS code can be found on the parking ticket The charges for parking amount to 50 CZK per each hour. To use this service, you must have a SIM card from the Czech mobile operator and your Premium SMS service must be activated. The MT SMS format – chargeable Arkady Pankrac: Listek 123456789012, time from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, August 12, 2010. Price: 150.00 CZK, 15 minutes to exit! Receipt can be obtained at